Precision Plastic Injection Molding Service

   At Zetar, we specialize in injection, insert, and overmolding of a wide range of plasticsOur advanced capabilities and in-depth industry knowledge allows us to work as a single source solution for their manufacturing needs. From prototypes to high volume production, our state of the art equipment and facility gives us the flexibility to deliver precision molded products with rapid turnaround times.

    For about 10 years we’ve provided our customers with quality products and value added services, we’ve grown up in the industry applying a hands on approach to precision injection molding. We offer complete project management services that leverage our years of experience manufacturing products for a wide array of applications. This vast knowledge base allows us to make materials selection, facilitate parts sourcing, as well as complete product development, engineering, and mold making.

  Custom Injection Mold Tool Making Services

     As a full service provider of precision injection molding, Zetar offers complete mold building services as well. Featuring complete in-house tool fabrication, mold-design, prototype or production tooling, Zetar can turn around your urgent tooling needs quickly and get your product to market fast.

      Working with your 2D or 3D CAD models, or we can generate the models for you – we will generate a complete 3D tool design and using CNC 3-axis machining, wire EDM technology, and the skills of our experienced mold makers to ultimately meet your mold build and specified surface finish requirements using such applications as Mold-Tech texture or a high polish SPI type of requirement - Zetar will deliver you the mold that meets your needs.

  Plastic Products Manufacturing Assembly & Packaging Services

     At Zetar, we have many years of experience in the post-mold handling of components and can offer your company a finished assembly or complete packaging – customer ready for distribution or resale. 

    Often times these value added operations can be performed within the molding cycle, yielding lower costs and improving your competitive edge. This turnkey approach saves your company time and money, resulting in a single point-of-purchase providing quick, flexible and cost-effective production of assemblies that are complete and ready for use.

  Rapid Prototype Design And Making Services

    At Zetar, we are often asked to assist in the prototype development of new product ideas of our customers. We offer a number of rapid prototype options that are available to you to help validate form, fit, and function of your future injection molded part design. If “speed to market” is your concern, often times a prototyping method can be the interim solution.

    Whether you need 2 parts or 200 parts, Zetar can accommodate your rapid needs. Allow us the opportunity to consult with and we will recommend the best prototyping process for your needs:  

       · SLA (Stereolithography) - Provides a functional 3D physical model generated from a CAD file for a very good initial review of your design concept.  Considered to be the standard for rapid prototyping in industry today.

          · CNC Machining - Can be the method of choice if a full 3D CAD model is not available or if your needs require fabricating a shape from a specific material.

         · Low-Cost Injection Molds - Certainly the most advanced of the prototyping options. Often the choice in a critical application when the other options might be too limited, or if you are just ready for this step and need an immediate quantity of parts.